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Fanuc R2000iA 210F Welding Robot System

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Fanuc R2000iA 210F Welding Robot with Arctool Software and ARTSEN II PM 400AD-R Pulse MIG Water Cooled Package

Unleash the power of automation in your welding processes with the Fanuc R2000iA 210F Welding Robot with ARTSEN II PM 400AD-R Pulse MIG Water Cooled Package. This cutting-edge industrial robot, equipped with the Arctool software, takes precision welding to a whole new level.

Key Features:

Fanuc R2000iA 210F Robot - Used
Payload 210 kg
Reach 2650 mm
Motion Range 6 axes
Controller R-3iB
Programming Interface Pendant
Weight 1270 kg
Mounting Options Floor
Axis Drive System AC Servo
Ambient Temperature Range 0-45°C
Communications Devicenet



ARTSEN II PM 400AD-R Pulse MIG Water Cooled - New
Welding Current Up to 400A
Welding Process MIG/MAG
Input Power 3-Phase, 400V, 50/60Hz
Cooling System Water-cooled
Wire Feed Speed 1-25 m/min
Control Devicenet
Gas Flow Rate 15-25 L/min


Arctool Software:

  • Intuitive programming: Seamlessly program complex welding patterns for increased efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface: Reduce learning curves and enhance overall productivity.



  • Increased Productivity: Automate repetitive welding tasks, allowing your skilled workforce to focus on more intricate aspects of the process.
  • Consistent Quality: The combination of Fanuc's precision and Artsen's power ensures welds meet or exceed industry standards every time.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduce labour costs and material waste while optimizing energy consumption.


Elevate your welding capabilities with the Fanuc R2000iA 210F Welding Robot, Arctool Software, and Artsen II 400A Welder. Invest in precision, efficiency, and the future of welding technology.

Contact us now to explore how this dynamic welding solution can transform your operations!


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